Six Ways to Use Olive Oil to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Six Ways to Use Olive Oil to Improve the Quality of Your Life

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Benefits of Olive Oil |

Use Olive Oil to Improve the Quality of Your Life

A historical symbol of glory and piece, olive oil is more than a food staple of the highly prized Mediterranean cuisine. It has many valuable uses, from natural remedy to home improvement, personal care, and green cleaning.

Nowadays, there are an increasing number of olive oil boutiques in Vancouver. Here, we look at 6 uses of olive oil, which can greatly improve the quality of life. We assume here that you already have or know where to get the highest quality olive oil in Vancouver, because what goes with a quality input is a quality output.

1.Damaged or Stubborn Tangled Hair

Olive oil is great for the hair. To moisturize and easily untangle your locks, apply a bit of olive oil and comb through frizzy or dry hair. This is especially beneficial on humid days or in winter.

Golden olive oil also provides relief for damaged hair. Massage your scalp and hair with a few tablespoons of olive oil. Then, use a shower cap to swathe your oiled tresses. Leave it on for 30 minutes, then shampoo as usual and see your newly rejuvenated hair.


2. Your Cat’s Health

Help your cat prevent hairballs and promote its overall wellness by adding a teaspoon of olive oil to its food. Olive oil is safer to your cat than an anti-hairball lubricant that is usually made from petroleum. Moreover, the use of olive oil is somewhat environment-friendly, as opposed to petroleum, which comes from a non-renewable source.


3. Reduced Snoring

Olive oil’s natural lubricating property can help ease your snoring. Just take a sip of olive oil before you sleep to lubricate the muscles of your throat. However, don’t be surprised if you sneeze out some olive oil into your breakfast!

Some people have observed that taking in a teaspoon of olive oil helps relieve a ticklish or scratchy throat.


4. Polisher for Metal, Furniture and Leather

Rub a few drops of olive oil onto silverware and other metallic items to prevent tarnishing and corrosion. To polish furniture, mix two parts olive oil with one part lemon extract, pour the mixture on a cloth, and wipe away fingerprints, scuffs and dusts. Olive oil can also be used to condition and polish leather articles like baseball mitts.


5. Ease Stuck Zippers

Free that annoying stuck zipper with an olive oil. Just pour a bit of olive oil into a swab and apply to the teeth of the zipper. Do so while gently easing it unstuck.


6. Repair Squeaky Doors

Solve that squeaky sound coming from your door that does not only annoy you, but pose danger to kids getting in and out of your room or house. Instead of using lubricants, which are usually made of hydrocarbons, use olive on hinges and on anything that you otherwise apply grease or other petroleum-based lubricant to.


Bonus  – Treat Otalgia

With so many herbal uses, olive oil is also known to cure earaches. There are two common ways in treating earaches with olive oil. One is to apply the oil to the outside canal of the ear using a cotton swab. The other is to microwave first the oil for 30 seconds before swabbing the ear.


These are 6 simple ways to use olive oil to improve the quality of life–no more tangled hair, heavy snores, squeaky doors, earaches, etc. To ensure success, always use the best quality olive oil in BC. 

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