7 Things About Olive Oil That You Need To Know

Posted by on Jun 9, 2014 in Benefits of Olive Oil |

Olive oil is one of the most amazing food products in the world.  It has been around for thousands of years and the planting, pressing and uses of this delicious nutritional product have stood the test of time.  The great thing about the golden goodness of extra virgin olive oil is that it has many ways that it can make you a healthier and better person.  At Coastal Olive Oils we want to share with you seven things that you might not know that could make a difference in how your view and use olive oil in Vancouver.

#1 Olive Oil Boosts Your Immune System – It is also linked to boosting immunity and helps your body use plant chemicals from other foods. For instance, lycopene, the fat-soluble antioxidant in tomatoes, is best absorbed when eaten with some fat, such as the healthy fat found in olive oil.

#2  Can Clear Your Skin – who needs clearasil when one has olive oil?  This miracle product can act clear up acne and actually keep your skin blemish free.  Simple to do all you need is four teaspoons of salt mixed into three tablespoons of olive oil.  Mix well, pour onto hands, rub onto face for a few minutes and then soap off.  Best to use daily for one week until you see results.

olive oil in vancouver

olive oil in vancouver

#3  Assist in Weight Loss – Olive oil will actually slow your stomach contractions when digesting sending the message to your body that you are more full.  Once the message is received then the desire to eat more slows down.  Looking for a flavoured olive oil to test this on try one of our most requested oils.

#4 Will Last Nearly Forever – who would like to say that about their love life?  Not likely but with Olive Oil this can be essentially true.  All you have to do with your favorite oils is store in a dark, cool space and enjoy when the moment strikes you.  The best olive oils tend to disappear fast though with the many ways people can enjoy them with awesome recipes.

#5 Good For Your Heart – That has good to be reason alone to crack out a bottle and some crusty bread.  The reason is that olive oil has the healthy type of cholesterol – HDL’s.  Olive Oil also contains other beneficial nutrients such as phytochemicals and vitamin E which help to clear bad cholesterol from the body.

#6 Color Does Not Tell The Whole Story –  Contrary to popular belief, the color of an extra virgin olive oil is not an indicator of its quality or flavor. There are hundreds of olive varieties that produce different hues of olive oil. Growing conditions (temperature, water, etc) and harvest time affect color as well. Good quality extra virgin olive oils range from yellow to green.

#7 Olive Oil is Perfect For Cooking – The average stovetop cooking temperature is about 350⁰ Fahrenheit, well within the smoke point range of both extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil.  You can substitute olive oil for any cooking oil in equal amounts. Olive oils can also replace butter or margarine in many recipes, which will reduce saturated fat and cholesterol.

Now that you are armed with all this life changing information be sure to come into our store in Delta for the many flavours of that the Coastal Olive Oil Co has to offer.  Grab some balsamic vinegar while you are at it to fully complete the pleasure experience that this wonderful food provides.