Origins of Balsamic Vinegar in Vancouver, BC

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Origins of Balsamic Vinegar in Vancouver, BC The balsamic vinegar originated in Italy. Similar to wine, it is made with grapes and then left to ferment for either twelve or twenty-five years. Its popularity began when the Roman Emperor Henry III was given a bottle of balsamic vinegar in 1024. Now it has become popular and available in markets all over the world. Time is an important element in making balsamic vinegar. The grape must used to make balsamic vinegar is...

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Olive Oil In Vancouver – Discover The Roots That Lead To Coastal

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History of Olive Oil In Vancouver, BC The olive oil in Vancouver traces its history to faraway places hospitable to olive trees. Native to Asia Minor, Syria, Iran and Palestine for 6,000 years, the olive is one of the oldest grown trees in the world. It has been cultivated in Crete since five millenia ago and is believed to be the wellspring of wealth of the Minoan Kingdom. It has been grown in the Mediterranean coast of southern Europe and Northern Africa after the...

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