What Makes An Olive Oil Stand Out from the Competition?

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What Makes an Olive Oil Stand Out from the Competition?

Olive oil is loved by people across the world. It has been famous for centuries not just as a cooking ingredient that enhances the flavour of other foods but also for its health benefits. As a cooking ingredient, olive oil adds exotic taste to otherwise ordinary food while also contributing to health and preventing certain diseases.

Olives used to produce olive oil grow only in warm climates and undergo a meticulous process. This means that even with advanced technology, it still cannot be produced in countries with cold climates. Despite this, however, it continues to be demanded by people everywhere, making it a highly imported product. Nowadays, the many types and flavours of olive oil are available even in places with colder climates like Vancouver.vancouver olive oil company

This, unfortunately, comes with a price. Countries that do not produce olive oil are susceptible to acquiring low quality olive oil. In fact, there have been issues lately regarding the authenticity of olive oil products sold all over the world.

The best way to really tell the quality of olive oil is through its taste and aroma. Olive oil made from freshly harvested olives taste like the fruit, with a little bit of bitter and peppery taste. Low quality olive oil is stale especially when compared with authentic, high quality olive oil. It does not contribute anything to the taste of food at all.

High quality olive oil retains the fruity taste of olives. This is only possible when freshly harvested olives are physically, rather than chemically, processed immediately to extract the oil. This is why Coastal Olive Oils carefully selects their suppliers to ensure that they bring only the highest quality olive oil in Vancouver.

Aside from providing the highest quality olive oil in Vancouver, our Delta based Olive Oil Company provides a wide variety of flavours. Oils from herbs like organic basil, Tuscan herb and other fruits like blood orange, lemon, and organic Persian lime are mixed with olive oil to add to and complement its taste and aroma. These interesting combinations of flavours and aromas make cooking and eating even more exciting.

The wide variety of olive oils offered does not need to be feared as all these are assured to be high quality and authentic olive oils. With the help of our Vancouver area Olive Oil Company, enthusiasts can simply focus on the taste.