Why Colour Means Nothing When Choosing An Olive Oil

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014 in Colour of Olive Oil |

Olive oil can come is different types and color. However, the quality of olive oil does not depend on its color. When selecting high quality olive oil, the consumer must try olive oils produced by the best Delta olive oil company.

The color of the Coastal Olive oils can be light to dark green or light to dark yellow. The color does not affect the quality. However, many consumers still choose olive oil according to their color preferences. The dominant color of the olive fruit at its harvest determines the outcome of the color of olive oil. The technique of crushing the fruit during the extraction process is also a significant factor in determining the oil color.best olive oil vancouver

The level of fruit ripeness is a big factor in giving the color of the oil. When the fruits are harvested at an early stage, the oil will likely have an olive green color. In this stage, the fruit is not fully ripe or mature yet, and the oil will possibly have a bitter taste.

Vivid green color of olive oil may be caused by the leaves and twigs that may have been included during the grinding stage. The color is darker compared to other olive oils.

When the olive fruits are ripened before the harvest time, the oil color is typically yellow. Once the oxidation gets through the process of oil extraction, the produced oil will have a vivid yellow color.

Dark brown to black colored oil has a sweeter taste. This oil is extracted from the fruits that have fallen from the tree even before the harvest time. This also means that the fruits are very mature during the oil extraction process.

Coastal olive oils are the best in the market. It offers high quality olive oil in the region of Vancouver. The best Tsawwassen olive oil company offers different types of flavoured oils.

It is normal to choose products for their quality. The color adds to the attractive edge of the Coastal Olive Oils; that is why even if it does not affect the taste and the quality of the produced oil, many consumers still choose the oil according to their color. It still affects how people select oil for various purposes.

The dark green oil has a more bitter taste compared to the oil with dark brown or black color that has sweeter taste. Thus, even though the color is not important in choosing the high quality oil from the best olive oil company, some still go after the color to determine the taste of the olive oil.


The color of olive oil  is still one of the biggest factors in buying the product and it matters to the consumers. No matter how you like your olive oil, may it be dark or light in color, Coastal Olive Oils continues to produce high quality olive oil for everyone.  For more information please be sure to contact us.